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Injury/Minor Laceration services offered in Lakewood and Highlands Ranch, CO

When you have children, injuries and lacerations are bound to happen. Luckily, the highly skilled pediatricians at Academy Park Pediatrics offer urgent appointments when life happens. Servicing the communities of Lakewood and Highlands Ranch, Colorado, the team offers in-office suturing and skin gluing, for minor to moderate lacerations and in-office casting for common fractures. If your child is injured, don’t hesitate to give the office a call for an appointment, or you can request a visit online. 

Injury/Minor Laceration Q & A

What are common childhood injuries? 

Your kids are prone to injury, as their body is still growing, and they’re often adventurous. Injuries in your child can range anywhere from mild cuts to severe head injuries. It’s important to seek care, even for minor injuries, because children can compensate longer than adults.

Cuts and lacerations are among the most common types of injuries seen in children. If your child suffers this type of injury, it opens the door for infections and scarring if not treated quickly.

Fractures, or broken bones, are another prevalent type of injury. This often occurs from falls while playing or sports. The practice provides in-office casting and treatment for broken bones in your child.

The compassionate providers at Academy Park Pediatrics provide in-office treatment for many minor injuries that your child may sustain. From suturing to casting, the team is prepared to get your child the expert treatment they need after an injury.

When should a child get treatment for an injury?

A laceration is an injury that causes a tear in the skin. Lacerations can be anywhere from mild to severe and can occur on any skin area. 

Many lacerations sustained in children are often minor. These injuries can usually be treated at home with first aid care. However, sometimes, your child’s laceration may be too significant or severe to be cared for at home. Instances when you should contact a pediatrician include:

  • Lacerations near the eye
  • Large lacerations on the face
  • Lacerations longer than a half-inch
  • Lacerations that contain dirt or debris
  • Lacerations that won't stop bleeding on their own
  • Injury caused by a rusty object

If your child suffers an animal bite, it’s also important to seek treatment from the practice. These injuries require specialized care, possible vaccinations, and often antibiotics.

How are minor lacerations and injuries treated?

The expert doctors at the practice determine what type of treatment is necessary when your child suffers a laceration. Depending on the laceration area and the severity, the doctors may recommend suturing or skin glue to close the cut.

Suturing uses surgical-grade stitches to close the laceration. The doctors may inject the area with an anesthetic to ensure your child is comfortable during the procedure.

For lacerations that aren’t as deep or that could scar with suturing, the team uses a skin glue called Dermabond®. The glue is very sturdy and keeps the laceration together until healed. Dermabond can also help to reduce the chance of scarring, especially when the laceration is on your child’s face.

If your child has suffered an injury, don’t hesitate to call the compassionate team at Academy Park Pediatrics today, or request an appointment online.