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Sports Physical services offered in Lakewood and Highlands Ranch, CO

If your child plays sports at school or in an organized league, it’s important they participate in routine physicals. Regular checkups can reduce the risk of injury and educate them on the importance of warming up and cooling down before and after exercise. At Academy Park Pediatrics, the team of experienced pediatricians offers sports physicals to children and teens. To make an appointment for your child in Lakewood or Highlands Ranch, Colorado, call the nearest office, or request an appointment online today.

Sports Physical Q & A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a routine exam that helps ensure your child is healthy enough to play sports or stay physically active. Children and teens grow rapidly. As a result, they’re also more susceptible to certain injuries that occur during strenuous activities. 

Sports physicals present an opportunity to catch potentially serious, underlying medical issues. They can also educate your child on the importance of wearing the proper safety equipment, practicing proper form, and taking the time to stretch.

What happens during a sports physical?

At Academy Park Pediatrics, the team tailors sports physicals to each individual’s needs. Even so, most checkups follow the same basic format:

Step one: Questions about your child’s lifestyle

At the beginning of a sports physical, your child’s provider asks about their lifestyle, including the type of sports they play, how often their practices or games are, and if they’ve experienced any injuries in the past.  

Step two: Complete physical

Next, your child’s pediatrician conducts a complete physical exam. They check your child’s heart and respiratory rate; examine their skin for any unusual moles or growths; gently palpate their organs; and evaluate your child’s posture, joints, strength, and flexibility.

Step three: Immunizations

Sometimes, schools and organized sports leagues require participants to have certain vaccines. Your child’s pediatrician can review their medical records and update their immunizations as necessary.

Step four: Recommendations for injury prevention

At the end of a sports physical, your child’s provider makes recommendations to reduce the risk of sports-related injuries. Often, the team recommends using the proper technique, wearing the necessary safety equipment, and listening to your body. It’s much better to take it easy and rest than to “push through” the pain.

What happens before you leave your sports physical appointment?

Prior to leaving the office, your pediatrician at Academy Park Pediatrics fills out the necessary paperwork. You can then submit those forms to your child’s school administration or league office.

If your child needs a sports physical, contact Academy Park Pediatrics. Call the nearest office, or request a visit online today.